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Wood Building templates finished
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Wood Building templates finished
Pingnan County, Haihua Wood Building templates finished workshops Pingnan County, Haywood Wood Co., Ltd. is a professional engaged in composite wood flooring and laminating decorative board research and development, production and sales as one of the private enterprises, the construction of fast-gifted Eucalyptus as the main Raw materials, with an annual output of 60,000 cubic meters composite wood flooring, 120,000
cubic meters Fumo decorative panels project, the project covers an area of ​​100 acres and a total investment of 100 million yuan. Construction of the project in two phases, all completed and put into production, the annual output value of 100000000 yuan, the annual tax 5000000 yuan, can solve the 500 employment. Tan Chin-wen said that although he was a native of Yulin City, he started plywood factory in Daan Town, Pingnan County in
2003, using fast-harvest eucalyptus as a raw material to produce building templates. However, due to the venue and funding constraints, the product is relatively low-end. Pingnan Industrial Park in 2011 to attract foreign investment, Tan Chin Wen seize the opportunity to apply for admission to the Pingnan county government, promised to build on the scale of the scale of effective large projects. "To make such a commitment, we are
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