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One volunteer might not seem like much but one person can make a huge amount of difference to the smallest of projects Nike Air Max 97 Ultra UK , as a volunteer your contribution is always of vital importance.

When we read the papers and watch the television we are constantly reminded of the huge problems the world faces in the shape of social hardship and vanishing ecosystems. But unless you?ve got very green fingers or a lot money it?s often difficult to imagine affecting such large scale problems. Sometimes you feel as if you?re swimming against the tide. However, the tide is turning and sustainable tourism is becoming the most popular way to see the planet. The key is to focus on making small positive differences and not expect to solve the world?s problems on one volunteer project. You may only plant a handful of trees or teach a child a few words of English, but if everyone does their bit then all those little changes add up to one big difference.

Can tourism be the answer?
This is a fair question, after all how can tourism be the answer when it is responsible for much of the damage? A reasonable and controlled number of travellers can have a very positive effect on a local area. The United Nations has declared tourism an important source of foreign exchange and employment in developing countries. What?s more, an income from tourism gives people both the means and the incentive to further protect their area. Too many tourists can threaten the delicate balance though. In Machu Picchu and the Galapagos Islands for example, growing popularity brings with it a real threat to the eco system. The irony is that unless sustainable tourism replaces traditional travel here, the only thing that will stop the crowds is the destruction of their beauty, and that will be too late. As long as a place doesn?t get trampled under too many sturdy hiking boots and we act responsibly when we?re there, we still think that tourism can be a positive thing.

Who do I trust?
As long as you do your research there?s no reason why you can?t make a difference when you travel. There has been an explosion of travel companies all promising very similar things Nike Air Max 97 Undefeated UK , but there are a few questions you should ask first before you travel. If you?re going to travel half way round the world you need to be sure that once you get there you will be working on a project that really needs you. To get the most out of volunteering you need to put effort into choosing who you go with and where you go. The most important thing to find out is the relationship between the sending agency and the local organisation; if there isn?t a partnership between the two than you could end up on a project that local people don?t need or want. Make sure the sending agency can tell you about the project you will be visiting and give a basic description of your tasks. A good company should help locate and deliver volunteers to worthwhile projects rather than set up their own to meet demand, without much concern for their benefit.

What can I do?
We know from experience that volunteers work that little harder and leave that little bit more satisfied when they choose to dedicate their time to something they really care about. Ask yourself what your passion is and in what area you really want to make a difference.

Teaching English
The British Council estimates that by 2010 around one third of the world will be learning English, and it?s not difficult to see why. As a truly global world language? English is the language of business and normally the best way to communicate with tourists visiting your country. If you live in a developing country and want to take advantage of new opportunities then the ability to speak English is a key skill. Teaching English while you travel is your chance to directly improve the lives of dozens of people.

Some of the most beautiful parts of the world are also the most fragile and it?s important that it?s their beauty they stay famous for. Whether you are replanting trees, helping protect marine life or protecting the animals which live there, conservation projects take you to the heart of the fight against environmental damage. Charities like the WSPA are keenly aware of the need to protect animals when you visit other countries and offer a lot of information for travellers. You?ll be surprised at the difference you can make armed with nothing more than enthusiasm, local knowledge and a shovel!.

Working with people
The advantage of doing community work is that you can see the difference you make right in front of you. Whether it?s the four walls going up on a building project, the smiles of children on a community project or the accurate shooting of the kids on your sports coaching project, you won?t doubt for a minute that you?re making a positive difference!
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